军事 & 退伍军人福利
休·J. 小莫里.,陆军战斗老兵

“整个校园的工作人员都非常棒,他们真的在努力让学生们感到舒适和自信. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in school, 当你可以依靠员工,所有的需求和问题都得到解决时,回归的过渡就会好得多.——休·J. 小莫里.,陆军战斗老兵

Immaculata大学 is proud to support veterans and military members, 以及他们的配偶, 谁在接受高等教育.

As an Immaculata student, you will receive:

  • Personalized support from staff and faculty, 包括一位学术顾问, 网上或当面, 这取决于你的需要
  • Flexible options for taking classes, both online and on campus
  • Access to our writing, math and career centers available in-person or online
  • 访问数以千计的学术期刊,书籍和文章可通过加布里埃尔图书馆
  • Generous policies for transferring credits and earning credit for prior learning

Learn more below about how to apply to Immaculata大学, 申请经济援助, and what programs are available for you to explore further. Additionally, there are resources that you may find helpful in your college search.

For 本科 military and veteran services, please contact either M. 凯特·康米基(mcommiskey@live63.net)或克莉丝蒂·马克(cmarker@live63.net). For graduate studies, please contact 凯伦内克尔 (knecker@live63.net). They can assist you with next steps regarding admissions, 金融援助, 支持服务, 还有军人/退伍军人福利.


学费 Assistance is a benefit paid to eligible members of the 军队, 海军, 海军陆战队, 空军, 海岸警卫队. Each branch of service has its own criteria for eligibility. 申请前, 现役军人应先与所属单位或分支机构的教育服务主任联络, 军事顾问, or Service to discuss their eligibility for 学费 Assistance. Learn more about 学费 Assistance from the following links:

You may be eligible for federal and state education assistance, 但是所有的军人, 以及他们的配偶, receive a special tuition rate from Immaculata. Please contact our 招生 Office at 484-323-3060 or email us at capsadmissions@live63.net. Once you apply, you will be asked to submit documentation to verify your eligibility.


伊玛丘拉塔大学的学术团体包括一些退伍军人和军人学生. 有时,这些学生可能会被要求履行他们的职责进行培训或部署. 在与服务相关的缺勤期间,Immaculata有一些程序来支持这些学生. 看到MG游戏中心的 政策 for readmission of Service members and reservists.


你可能有资格获得一些州和联邦福利,这取决于你的服务. 拨打1-888-442-4551或查询 退伍军人事务部 网站查看资格要求,看看你是否有资格获得教育福利.

MG游戏中心的退伍军人认证官可以帮助您解决有关福利流程的问题. Contact 凯特Commiskey at 484-323-3242 or mcommiskey@live63.net.

Yellow Ribbon Post 9/11 GI Bill® Information

Immaculata大学 is proud to be a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program. To check your eligibility for this program, please check the 退伍军人事务网站.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. 退伍军人事务部(VA). More information about education 好处 offered by VA is available at the official U.S. 政府网站 http://www.好处.va.政府 / gibill.


军事成绩单将被评估,已接受的学分将免费转移! Learn more about 先修学分 here.


  1.  申请Immaculata大学: If you are not yet a student at Immaculata大学, you must apply for admission. 申请 本科 or 研究生项目.
  2. 申请经济资助: You may be qualified for additional state and federal 金融援助. 申请经济援助 必须每年做吗. 你可以从经济援助办公室找到有关经济援助和学费援助机会的信息.
  3. 申请福利: 请查看资格要求,看看你是否有资格通过退伍军人事务部获得教育福利. 要做到这一点,请登录到 退伍军人事务网站. 您也可以拨打1-888-442-4551. 如果你有资格享受福利, you will receive a letter of eligibility from the 退伍军人事务部. Once you receive your letter of eligibility, send a copy of that letter to 凯特Commiskey or 克里斯蒂标记 (本科生)或 凯伦内克尔 (研究生)

Benefit 项目 and 额外的资源


宾夕法尼亚州高等教育援助机构(PHEAA)与宾夕法尼亚州军事和退伍军人事务部(DMVA), 管理 教育援助计划(EAP) for members of the Pennsylvania 国民警卫队. 该项目为参加宾夕法尼亚国民警卫队服务承诺的学生提供学费援助, 通常是六年. With the July 2019 enactment of the 军事 Family Education Program (MFEP), 有一项新的非失效基金,当宾夕法尼亚国民警卫队成员再次入伍并服役6年时,为其配偶和子女提供类似eap的学费福利.


退伍军人事务部为符合特定条件的个人提供几个不同的项目. For the most up-to-date information on the G.I. 比尔®,访问 www.gibill.va.政府. 请阅读退伍军人事务部提供的项目说明以及下面列出的项目要求,以确定您的资格.


Local Philadelphia 退伍军人 Benefit Office:

  • 退伍军人管理局
    5000 Wissahickon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19101


  • G.I. Bill®比较工具:这个工具将帮助你计算你的福利和研究批准的学术项目.
  • 支付大学网站: Get help in making informed financial decisions about how to pay for college.
  • 学生贷款: You may apply for both federal and private loans. Learn about the differences between federal and private loans. If you are awarded more federal 金融援助 than you need, you may cancel the loan or accept less than offered. 在你的贷款被支付之前, 你可以随时通知经济援助办公室取消全部或部分贷款. 在你的贷款发放后,你可以在一定的时间内取消全部或部分贷款. Your promissory note will explain the procedures and time frames for canceling your loan.
  • Immaculata大学 College Scorecard: The college scorecard provides information about Immaculata’ s affordability and value.
  • 大学导航器: Learn more about Immaculata using the National Center for Education Statistics program.
  • 助教决定该比较工具是专门为帮助国防部学费援助(TA)项目的参与者在学校和教育项目上做出明智的选择而设计的.

Return of 学费 Assistance: 军事 学费 Assistance (TA)

在假定学生将在获得资助的整个期间就读学校的前提下,授予学生助教. 当学生退出时, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of TA funds originally awarded.

To comply with the new Department of Defense 政策, (Immaculata大学)将按比例返还任何未获得的助教资金,至少在资金提供期间的60%. TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending. These funds are returned to the military Service branch.

Instances when a Service member stops attending due to a military service obligation, 教育机构将与受影响的服务人员合作,确定不会导致退还部分学生债务的解决方案.

第1周之前或期间:100% 第2周:75% 第3-4周:50% 第5周:40% 第6-8周:不退货
第1-3周之前或期间:100% 第4-5周:75% 第6-8周:50% 第9周:40% 第10-15周:不退货

按照ed34 C.F.R. 668.71-668.75和668.14, Immaculata大学 does not participate in high pressure recruitment practices. MG游戏中心的招聘工作旨在突出大学的好处,以及为推进您的教育目标所采取的步骤. MG游戏中心致力于提供优秀的教师和专门的学生服务和资源. 点击这里 审查伊玛丘拉塔大学关于退伍军人和服务人员招募和营销的政策.


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